Pizza and Popcorn Full Year

Dunning Foubert Online Pizza and Popcorn Full Year Order Form

Pizza will be delivered to students every Thursday from April 7th, 2022 to June 23rd, 2022, during the SECOND nutrition break at 1:15pm for grades 1-8, and at 12 noon for kindergarten students.  If the school buses are cancelled on a pizza day, pizza will still be delivered to the school.  The office is not responsible for holding pizza for your child(ren).

No pizza will be sold in the lobby for now. You must preorder pizza.

Popcorn will be delivered to each class at the SECOND nutrition break at 1:15pm every Friday for all students who order online. Popcorn will start Friday, April 1 and go until June 24th. There will be 2 weeks with no popcorn due to Good Friday being a holiday, and a PA day on June 3.   

If you have any dietary/allergy requests please email


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